Tomohiro Nakamura Announced as Our New CTO


We are excited to announce that Tomohiro Nakamura has joined our team as Chief Technology Officer. With his extensive expertise in blockchain, Startbahn will continue to develop “Startrail” as the public art blockchain network and to build a stronger engineering team.


Nakamura has been passionately involved in blockchain projects after working in a wide range of fields such as finance, online games, and community apps as an engineer. Working as a CTO at Anypay, he has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in security, legal compliance, and business schemes by working on highly-complex financial products using blockchain.

Startbahn is developing “Startrail,” the new blockchain infrastructure for online art sales and evaluation. With Nakamura as our new CTO, we aim to build an even stronger engineering team to further expand our business.

The year 2020 marks an exciting and important year for Startbahn; Startrail API is to be released in May as announced, as well as other multiple Startrail-based services that wait for their release later this year. To prepare for these upcoming important businesses, Startbahn is keen on hiring and cultivating engineers specialized in blockchain.

You can view opening positions here (In Japanese).

About Tomohiro Nakamura

After full-stack engineer experiences at Goldman Sachs and at Electronic Arts, Tomohiro has founded Wekids Inc. He has also been CTO at AnyPay Inc. and managed payment and ICO/STO services. After being CTO in a Blockchain SaaS startup, catabira Inc., he joined Startbahn, Inc. in March 2020 as CTO. Holds B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Waseda University and have a significant research experience in Web and Machine Learning. He likes web3.0 philosophy and going to music festivals.


Remarks from Tomohiro Nakamura, Our New CTO

I’ve always wanted to make people happy with the Internet. With blockchain, users enjoy more autonomy, transparency, and fairness; this is a significant shift in the Internet use, which has been concentrated on its usefulness. Some recognize this shift as Web 3.0. I am eager to create a healthy fine arts ecosystem in this shift with Taihei Shii, our CEO, who himself is an incredibly unique artist and understands and believes in the Web 3.0’s potential. It is an honor to contribute to solving issues regarding fundamental individual and corporate rights in the art world such as ownership and copyright using cutting edge technology.

You can also read more about Nakamura's idea behind joining Startbahn from here (in Japanese).

Remarks from Taihei Shii, CEO

Nakamura is almost what was thought to be an impossible person to find. Since 2016, we have been looking for a bilingual professional with expert knowledge in blockchain, business strategy skills, team building and management ability, and last but not least, deep understanding and love for art. It is a wonderful concurrence to come across him. I am confident that Nakamura’s participation will greatly improve each project’s robustness, and excited for what awaits us beyond that.

About Startbahn, Inc.

Founded in 2014 by Taihei Shii, Starbahn aims to provide artists and those involved in the art world technology they need, which will bring benefits to the whole society. We are developing “Startrail,” an infrastructure for online artwork sales and its evaluation with blockchain technology. Startbahn also provides its own service, “Startbahn Cert.” developed upon Startrail and is expanding its blockchain business with its partners.

About Startrail

Startrail is an infrastructure supporting the development of the fine arts ecosystem by furthering its trust and credibility. It is designed and managed by starbahn, Inc., but will run operations through the Startrail Consortium, an organization soon to be established in order to assure public trust. The network uses blockchain technology to flexibly manage the custody and history of the artworks in the system and also manages and records the history of its circulation (if applicable). Startrail is built to be forward and backward compatible, as well as scalable on a global level. Startrail also utilizes its smart contract mechanism that allows artists to collect royalty-like revenues and certain rulesets regarding sales and usage of the artworks to be processed automatically in each transaction.

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