Startbahn Officially Names its Art Blockchain Network as “Startrail,” and Releases a New Logo Design


Formerly released as the Art Blockchain Network (ABN), created by Startbahn, Inc. (headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Taihei Shii; hereinafter, "Startbahn"), has been officially named "Startrail." We are also pleased to announce a new logo design along with the name change.
ABN is an infrastructure supporting the development of the fine arts ecosystem by furthering its trust and credibility with blockchain technology. Its white paper has been released in October 2019, and we will begin a full operation of Startrail with this name change.

■ Background of the Name Change

Art Blockchain Network has been officially renamed Startrail in order to develop as an infrastructure that utilizes not only blockchain but also other most appropriate technologies for each era. With this name change, Startrail is now fully operational.

■ Why “Startrail” ?

Startrail is named after “star trail,” the motion of the stars captured in a long-exposure photography. Just as how individual stars are shown as continuous lines across the image, Startrail aims to serve as a network for art pieces, tracing their provenance and ensuring trust. Startrail also includes the word “art,” and we hope that Startrail be a platform for a dynamic global arts ecosystem across different services.

■ Logo Design

Startrail is a platform that various art-related services are connected to, and where information of the artwork is constantly updated and circulated. The circled logo design below demonstrates the flow of information on Startrail, and the curve followed by Startrail symbolizes the trajectory of the art piece

Left: Old logo; Right: New logo

■ Next Steps

We will start the full operation of Startrail with this name change. We are now working on business promotion and product development for the release of the API around May 2020 as announced. Startbahn also plans to release a beta version of its own Startrail-based service in March 2020.

As for the product development, we are working with Torus Labs, a Singapore-based startup, and preparing to enter into a variety of projects and services. Torus Labs utilizes an identity verification mechanism provided by external authentication providers such as Google and Facebook using OAuth2.0 to provide a crypto wallet service that links individuals to their Ethereum keys. Since the Ethereum keys are created and managed by logging into the Torus Labs provider, there is no need to manage cryptographic keys by users. The risk of not being able to withdraw crypto assets, just because a sticky note memo is lost, is reduced. This will not only make it more convenient for the user, but it will also make it possible to consider and implement care for security and regulatory restrictions.

More announcements will be made as the project progresses.

■ Management of Startrail

Startrail is a novel art infrastructure that not only protects the trust of the artworks and artists, but also aims to preserve rich culture and cultivate deep understanding of art in the next generation. On the public chain using smart contracts, we will realize a open platform where any organizations can issue blockchain certificates, manage the history of the works, and rules regarding handling them are complied.

To ensure its independence and fairness, Startrail will be operated by “The Startrail Consortium,” a voluntary organization led by Startbahn. In the future, we plan for this consortium to be jointly led by multiple experts, companies, and organizations.

More information about Startrail can be found in the “White Paper” on the website below.
【 website

■ About Startbahn

Startbahn is a company that aims to realize a richer society by providing the technology needed by artists and people involved in art all over the world. While promoting the development of “Startrail,” we are also developing our own online service, “startbahn,” working on joint projects with corporations and organizations, and creating tools and services for a better usability of Startrail.
【 website 】

■ For Inquiries about This Release

Startbahn, Inc.
PR Officer: Risa Mizuno
Email address: [email protected]


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