Raised 100 million yen from UTEC. Planning to publish the new service from the end of September.


Startbahn, Inc. which develops various businesses with a focus on Art x Technology, has increased the capital allocation to a third party by approximately 100 million yen undertaken by UTEC.

We will develop three businesses through this financing.

1) Construction of art x block chain network specialized in management of culture and arts

2) Providing “Startbahn BCM” (provisional name), an in-house web service linked to the Art x Blockchain network

3) Joint development of blockchain x corporate


Also, Nikkei and TechCrunch Japan posted articles.




  • 2018.11.29Press
    Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.
  • 2019.03.19Press
    Raised 310 million yen from UTEC, SX Capital and Dentsu. Sawako Ohno from AnyPay has assumed the post of COO, Ryutaro Katayama from Christie’s has assumed the outside director.