Tie-up with SMADONA, Inc. for mutual operation where more than one person own an art piece on blockchain.


SMADONA, which is planning to offer an “art co-owned platform”, and the start van working on “Art x blockchain”, have partnered to develop a co-owned service utilizing the Art Blockchain Network.

Encourage more people to interact with art and work on interoperability of blockchain with the aim of realizing a world where everyone can enjoy and support art


We believe that managing the history of small rights and certifying copyright management through blockchain will create opportunities for many people to get involved in art.

In addition, we believe that the cost of contracts and management when owning small rights will be reduced, and that it will lead to an increased opportunity for the evaluation of works and artists themselves.



  • 2018.07.05Press
    Raised 100 million yen from UTEC. Planning to publish the new service from the end of September.
  • 2018.11.29Press
    Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.