We are developing Startrail, an infrastructure for the distribution and evaluation of artworks, for a thriving fine arts ecosystem by furthering its trust and credibility. 

This infrastructure provides an environment which actors around the world can access and where they can manage provenance of artworks and comply with the rules together. 

The traditional certificate management system has many risks, such as tampering, copying, counterfeiting, and losing. These risks are detrimental to the credibility of the art market and the value of an art piece that depends on the evaluation in the secondary distribution. Players involved in the secondary art market often spend a considerable amount of time and money on background checks and rights management of an art piece to secure its credibility. 

Startrail, the blockchain network for art, can solve issues like the above in the art market.

By issuing a Startrail Registry Record (SRR) for an artwork, every time it is bought, sold, given, displayed, stored, or restored, such information will be automatically recorded on SRR. The tamper-resistant and transparent nature of the blockchain ensures the authenticity of those pieces of information, thus protecting the true value of the artwork.

SRR also allows artists to set their own rules regarding the distribution and the transaction of their work. Therefore, if desired, the artist can automatically earn profits generated at the secondary distribution as a royalty-type revenue.

Startrail is a platform that all art businesses can connect to across services. By distributing SRRs along with artworks, we will connect both non- and for-profit art-related services around the world and automatically record the provenance of all artworks. With this new art infrastructure, we will realize a world where secondary distribution and use of the artworks become easier.

To ensure its independence and fairness, Startrail will be operated by “The Startrail Consortium,” a voluntary organization led by Startbahn. In the future, we plan for this consortium to be jointly led by multiple experts, companies, and organizations.

The white paper of Startrail was released in 2019 to give a full picture of the project including its vision and specifications. 


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  • "Startbahn Cert." is a service that allows certificate-issuing organizations to issue and manage a "Startrail Blockchain Certificate” (Certificate) for artworks and an “Artwork Management Tag with an IC chip” (IC Tag) linked to the Certificate information. An artwork owner can view his/her artwork’s Certificate information by scanning the IC Tag with his/her smartphones or similar devices. Organizations involved in the distribution of artworks can issue and transfer Certificates through the online interface. It is a new system that combines the benefits of two technologies: the Blockchain Certificate and the IC Tag. A Blockchain Certificate allows you to manage and update provenance and relevant information on the artwork continuously. An IC Tag links those pieces of digitized information to the physical work of art, managing its real-world transactions. Each IC Tag can be customized with an original design, for example, inserting an issuer’s logo on it. Any kind of art-related organizations such as galleries, art schools, and certificate-issuing organizations can sell and provide the Certificates as their own brands.   ▼ For further information, visit:   We are already open for business with a beta version. If you are interested in the Blockchain Certificate with the IC Tag, please contact us by filling out the inquiry form on the Startbahn Cert. website (
  • We are developing joint businesses with various corporate partners and organizations.Our goal is to make Startrail widely used where many more agents manage provenance and comply with handling rules of artwork across services.     TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.  We are jointly developing “B-OWND,” a Startrail-based platform for sales and distribution of arts and crafts. “B-OWND” is a platform that directly connects Japanese artists and craftspeople with collectors (purchasers), curators, and art critics from around the world. We aim to create an environment where those involved in the art ecosystem and the public can see third-party evaluations for a piece by publicizing the evaluations and communications among artists, collectors, and curators. B-OWND's website: ▼ Click here for details. (Japanese)     Wacom Co., Ltd. We are working with Wacom Co., Ltd., the top shareholder in the creative solutions business, for the prosperity in the digital arts market. Wacom provides various products such as pen tablets to creators in 150 countries and regions. We are linking Wacom's digital signature technology, WILL™, with Startrail. Creators using devices such as pen tablets will be able to claim the rights to their work and receive the money generated in its secondary distribution as royalty-type revenues. Our goal is to contribute to the further growth of the digital art market by developing a foundation for the protection of rights and distribution of digital artworks globally. ▼ Click here for details. (Japanese)      X-tech Management, Ltd    X-tech Management is a venture company from Kyoto University of the Arts that trains IoT creators and supports startup businesses. X-tech Management will hold an exhibition called "An Exhibition Just for One Group Per Night," at the newly opened Kyo no Ondokoro TAKEYAMACHI in the Marutamachi area of Kyoto, owned by Wacoal. The exhibition will feature works by Kyoto University of the Arts graduates and provide an opportunity for their work to be exhibited and purchased. Startbahn will provide Cert. from Startbahn Cert., aim to build a new distribution model for young artists. ▼ Click here for details. (Japanese)     TRiCERA, Inc.   TRiCERA supports artists in development of their careers, by providing a comprehensive service and solutions of connecting Japanese art to the world by solving issues regarding the international barriers. Cert. from Starbahn Cert. will be provided to the artworks on TRiCERA.NET; thus, the authenticity of the art pieces is guaranteed. Artists can also manage the distribution and capture provenance of their work after it is sold. ▼ Click here for details. (Japanese)     Shueisha inc.   Shueisha, one of Japan’s leading publishers, launched a global EC sales business of manga artwork called "SHUEISHA MANGA-ART HERITAGE (SMAH)." Shueisha began utilizing the digital archives of their original manga drawings they have kept since 2008. They started this service because they believe that manga is a significant artistic and cultural form. Cert. provided by Startbahn will be issued for each sold manga artwork through SMAH. By permanently recording information of the artist and the publisher, as well as the provenance of the work even after secondary distribution, the value of the manga artwork will be supported. ▼ Click here for details.