Startbahn Was Introduced in a Featured Interview with Yayoi Shionoiri by The Artling


On August 11th, The Artling featured an interview with Yayoi Shionoiri in the article “Interview: Yayoi Shionoiri on Chris Burden, Nancy Rubins and Art Law”. Startbahn was introduced as "an art technology company that is attempting to bring greater reliability to transactions in the art ecosystem."

Interview: Yayoi Shionoiri on Chris Burden, Nancy Rubins and Art Law

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■ About Startbahn, Inc.

Startbahn provides technology needed by artists and art world stakeholders to provide and assure value in art, including Startrail, a blockchain infrastructure, and Startbahn Cert., a service that issues blockchain certificates for artworks. 

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  • 2018.09.03Media
    Appeared on WIRED on 3rd September 2019.
  • 2018.11.07Media
    Appeared on Bijutsu Techo December 2018 “Art × Blockchain”.