Building an infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation for the future.

Our mission is to realise a richer society by providing the technology needed by artists and people involved in art all over the world.


We have various projects centring blockchain and art

  • startbahn

    startbahn is a web service that connects you and art world.

    By using this service, you can register to sell your artworks as well as buying others’ pieces.
    At the same time, you can get the certificate of authenticity which will not be falsified or lost, that remains the value of your piece forever.

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    As you issue the certificate of authenticity on, the history of your art piece will be transferred to other services in order to have a trade on different system. This saves you from the situation where you do not know the present owner of your art pieces, or where your piece might be trading out of the regulation. By doing so, the service keeps the value of your pieces for decades or centuries.

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  • Blockchain Project

    We expand our joint development business with other corporations or organizations.

    Those corporations and organizations that wishes to take the advantage of our technology of blockchain system for their art business have been welcomed as our partners.

    “Art Blockchain Network” forms the foundation of the development. It is the information network where “smart-contract” manages the certificate of authenticity and the trade history afterwards.

    For more information, visit the Art Blockchain Network website.

    <Example of joint development business>

    [Press Release]Startbahn and Maecenas Announce Strategic Partnership.
    Fractional ownership issued in the form of asset tokens and blockchain provenance registered on ABN will replace antiquated provenance records and hard-to-verify certificates of ownership. This brings fine art into the internet age and revolutionizes a centuries-old industry, with a brand-new paradigm.

    To bring further foundational development to the art industry, the two companies are also working collaboratively on an arrangement for tokenized physical artworks to be stored and displayed in safe venues such as museums and large galleries.

    This will allow investors and collectors to digitally trade fractional ownership in their artworks while at the same time bringing those artworks into public display, effectively creating a whole new experience for both art enthusiasts and professionals.

    SBI Art Auction
    [Press Release] The First in Japan! Issuing a blockchain certification on art piece bidded at an auction - startbahn and SBI Art Auction tied up.
    We have developed a content which interlocks SBI Art Auction sale “Modern and Contemporary Art” to our service of issuing blockchain certifications “”. More than 500 pieces (priced totally 450 million yen) are shown up online. We have been started the project to give blockchain certifications to successful bidders from the auction sale in April 2018.

    [Press Release] Published a website for the new platform “B-OWND” where blockchain expands art and craft markets. Starting the service from next spring.
    Aiming to build a system where the generals as well as people in the art field are able to view others’ opinions, we have developed a platform “B-OWND” which makes use of our “Art Blockchain Network”.
    The platform directly connects artists and craftspeople in Japan to Global collectors, curators and art critics, by enable them to have a communication or cross-evaluation.

    B-OWND website:

    [Press Release] Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.
    By providing our blockchain technology widely, we have developed the system for smooth issuing process of certifications or history investigation for art pieces which are already transferring in the existing online services.

    Should you have any questions or offers about joint development business with blockchain, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form.



    “Art Blockchain Network” teaser page

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  • Real Space Exhibition

    We also arrange a real-space exhibition in order to interlock the real world to digital with certificate of authenticity on blockchain.
    We have several exhibitions including the annual event “Fujisanten”.


    5th - 26th January -satellite-
    2nd - 8th February -selection-
    Fujisanten 3.0 - 2020 Views of Mount Fuji -


    5th - 26th January
    Fujisanten 2.0 - The Giant Leap -


    7th - 21st July
    “ASSEMBLY” Hidetaka Suzuki × Yuki Hayashi

    5th - 21st January
    Fujisanten 1.0 - For The Coming Future -

    and more.

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  • 2020.03.27


    [Press Release] Tomohiro Nakamura Announced as Our New CTO

  • 2019.10.9


    [event]At an event held at Tokyo University of the Arts, CEO Shii and engineer Kato took the stage.

  • 2019.10.3


    [Press Release]Startbahn and Maecenas Announce Strategic Partnership

  • 2019.09.12


    [event]Our CEO will appear at the G1 Global Conference

  • 2019.09.2


    [Event]Startbahn, Inc. will participate in Ars Electronica Festival 2019

  • 2019.08.26


    [Press Release] Start of call for global partners in the run up to the world-wide release of the whitepaper on October 15 by Startbahn, Inc., the “art × blockchain” Japanese startup

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