Startbahn Updates Startbahn Cert., Offering Blockchain Certificate “Cert.” For Digital Artworks And Reducing Energy Consumption.


Startbahn, Inc. has decided to update their service Startbahn Cert. A blockchain certificate, “Cert.,” is accepting digital artworks for issuance. Startbahn Cert. offers what the current “NFT art” does not provide: a system for passing on the value of artworks and protecting artists’ rights across services. Furthermore, power consumption and transaction costs— which used to calculate 10,000 times more than the current cost— have been significantly reduced.

Digital artworks for issuing blockchain certificates.

Startbahn provides Startbahn Cert., a service for passing on artworks’ value using blockchain technology. 

Startbahn decided to update Startbahn Cert. for artworks created using various media of expression, from physical to digital. The blockchain certificate "Cert." issuance will be available for digital artworks created as digital videos, GIF animations, high-resolution works, and 3D data.

"Cert." are issued by galleries and other corporations that manage artists and handle their works. Startbahn is currently welcoming inquiries from those parties interested in “Cert.” and plans to accept the issuance in mid-June 2021.

In contrast with NFT art

NFT art is gaining popularity in these current months. NFT is a type of digital asset that uses blockchain technology. It can be used to claim ownership of digital contents, which has been difficult since digital works are easily copied and duplicated. In this sense, digital artworks with “Cert.” issued can be categorized as NFT art. 

However, “Cert.” does not mediate the commercial trading of artworks. “Cert.” supports passing on the value of artworks by permanently recording important information such as their provenance. “Cert.” also aims to protect the artists’ and owners’ rights; Pre-defined rulesets for the artwork distribution and use will always be enforced, no matter which services are used for the sale.

Significantly reduced power consumption

With the latest update, power consumption has significantly reduced. By adopting a new Layer 2 solution called Polygon*, net energy requirements of Startrail are now significantly lower making Startbahn Cert. more sustainable.

* Polygon

■ About Startbahn Cert.

Startbahn Cert. is a blockchain certificate issuance service that allows the management of information about artworks while ensuring their authenticity and reliability. Artwork owners can view such information, and entities involved in artwork distribution can issue and transfer certificates through a web interface. Startbahn Cert. is based on Startrail, a blockchain platform that manages the custody and circulation of artworks. On Startbahn Cert., it is as simple and easy to see the information recorded on Startrail as it would be on paper certificates.

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