[Press Release] The First in Japan! Issuing a blockchain certification on art piece bidded at an auction – startbahn and SBI Art Auction tied up.


Startbahn and SBI Art Auction will start joint projects such as proof of ownership of art works using blockchain technology in April 2019, aiming to revitalize the art auction market.

■ Overview
Developed content linked to SBI Art Auction sponsored “Modern and Contemporary Art” on “Startbahn.org”, a blockchain certificate issuing service operated by Startburn. The blockchain certificate will be given to the successful bidder who wishes.



  • 2018.07.05Press
    [Press Release] Raised 100 million yen from UTEC. Planning to publish the new service from the end of September.
  • 2018.11.29Press
    [Press Release] Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.