Startbahn raised money from SBI Investment. Closer cooperation in a activities of Art and Blockchain with SBI group.


Startbahn, Inc. working on “Art x Blockchain”, raised money from “SBI AI & Blockchain fund” operated by Venture Capital's SBI Investment.

Startbahn is already planning to roll out blockchain technology from within 2019 through a business alliance with SBI Art Auction.

The purpose of this fundraising and business alliance is to jointly seek new forms of art utilization utilizing the SBI Group's know-how such as “art” and “blockchain” and disseminate them worldwide.


  • 2018.07.05Press
    Raised 100 million yen from UTEC. Planning to publish the new service from the end of September.
  • 2018.11.29Press
    Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.